June 3, 2023

GBWhatsapp Download Apk Latest Version (Updated) Official

What is GBwhatsApp?

GBwhstapp v10.20 is the latest official app. GB Whatsapp 10.20 came with some new features & fixed old WhatsApp bugs. Download Gbwhatsapp New version from the given link below. Always try to download the app from the official website. Otherwise, you will use a duplicate Gbwhatsapp which danger for your device.

Information about GBWhatsApp Apk

The version information is Gbwhatsapp Apk v10.20 & up upcoming version will be v10.30. The GBwhatsapp already download has been compact more than 20 Million. GB Whatsapp v10.80 file size is almost 53 MB. To use this app you need an Android phone which versions at least a lollipop version I mean 5.0+ & RAM is 1GB. GB Whatsapp New Apk is free to use all the devices. It’s also an Anti-ban Apk.

App Name GB WhatsApp
Latest Version v18.90
Last Update  1 day ago
Download 20,000,000+
APK Size 53 MB
Anti-Ban Yes
Required Android Version 4.0+

Download GB WhatsApp New Version

You will get a more updated version of GBwhatsapp this year. You should use the update file all the time when an update will come. Here I give out all the versions which came in 202 and also will add which version will be coming. So you can pick up the latest version of GBwhatsApp from the below.

Gb Whatsapp Download the Latest new version from the official website nowhere. The given link below is the direct link to this app. You don’t need to visit any third-party website to download this app.


What’s New feature added in GB WhatsApp?

We know, there are so same features added and fixed some old bug when an app came with the update. So WhatsApp is no exception like them. In the below, I give out some new fractures & solve the bug.

  • Update more Antiban
  • Customize App icon
  • Added more emoji
  • Allow hiding someone
  • Personally reply system like the messenger
  • Solved google play service error
  • Improve performance
  • Fixed load-time error and more

And Lots of Other Customization Options

How to Install GbwhatsApp

if you want to know how to Install the Gbwhatsapp Application for your device then I can say that it’s so easy like other android apps. If you try it I hope you can do it. For your help, I tell her as a simple word.

  • Download New latest version GBwhatsApp
  • Open this App & click the Install button
  • Press Next Next Next………
  • After Install click the Open button
  • Give all information like Name, Phone Number, etc
  • Verification of your Phone Number
  • And got the home page on your device

GB WhatsApp Apk (Old to New) All Versions 

Do you know how many versions have of Gb Whatsapp Mods Apk from their journey to now? Are you which is the best version for use now and what is new in the new version of this app? I think you don’t know about this so you should follow the below table where you can see all GBwhatsapp Old & new versions.

Many people want to download the old version GBwhatsapp APK for the reason they find the Old version Apk but they don’t know Old version is not safe for Android and other devices.

This list is just for the known but you should use the latest version when coming and the Update notification will be shown.

  • Download v8.80 (coming)
  • Download v8.75 (coming)
  • Download v8.70 (coming)
  • Download v8.60 (running)
  • Download v8.50
  • Download v8.45
  • Download v8.40
  • Download v8.35
  • Download v8.30
  • Download v8.26
  • Download v8.25
  • v8.20 Download
  • Download v8.10
  • Download v8.05
  • v8.00 Download
  • Download v7.99
  • v7.40 Download
  • Download v5.90
  • v7.30 Download
  • Download v7.25
  • Download v7.20
  • v7.10 Download
  • Download v7.00
  • Download v6.95
  • v6.90 Download
  • v6.85 Download
  • Download v6.70
  • v6.65 Download
  • v6.60 Download
  • Download v6.50

From the table, you know how many version is available for use right now. But as a user, you need to download GBwhatsapp’s latest version Apk from this page. I hope you got the point.

How to Update New GB WhatsApp from Old Version?

I think you download the Gb Whatsapp Apk. This downloaded file is available on your Phone Storage (Download Folder) if you check.

Step #1: Tap on the download GBApk file

Step #2: Press Install to launch the update

Step #3: When the install process will be completed, then you need to click Open to launch GBWA mods.

Step #1: Access to GBWhatsApp’s settings

Step #2: Access Updates.

Step #3: GBWhatsApp’s update sections

Step #4: Click on Check for Update from the Menu.

Final Verdict

Download GB Whatsapp Apk Version is a great app from previous others all Old version. These Kinds of Mods Apps demand is increasing rapidly day by day. Because of its amazing performance like any other Paid app. You Should download it from the official website anytime anywhere.

Keep Updating and have fun using GB Whatsapp and its features to provide you with lots of fun and performing with emojis, chat, content. Download the latest version of New Gb WhatsApp now and Install it. You will never have to worry about any storage worries with GB Whatsapp Apk because it will not be very big in size and data are also not too much. Gbmods designed it as a simple application with all major features.


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